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About the Alliance


The next "Killer App" everyone is looking for is more than just a good idea for  organization and a simplified and powerful way to accomplish it.
It can now be done via the common "Public PIM" database structure !

The OpenDB User Group is a group of Database creators and vendors committed to promoting a common Open Source model for a database structure to use as an  industry-standard for the utilization and exchange of database information and easier production of new applications. As a result, multiple applications can and are accessing this common structure.
Our online example is now used by four different applications
1.The original Javeline/MySQL app
2. Zend Studio with ppContact
3.OpenOffice from my local computer to the remote MySQL db
4. Jaspersoft's reportwriter from my local computer

Creators and developers will be able to concentrate on building products instead of reinventing the wheel each time they have a new application.

To promote this common structure, the OpenDB User Group is providing free resources and tools to help you enhance your database capabilities.
The User Group is publishing our specifications for this common database structure definition. In addition, we are granting users a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free license to the documentation and executable prototypes in the OpenDB libraries, which allows for the designing and creating of databases using MANY-to-MANY relationships. As future versions of OpenDB emerge, users will use their collective expertise to keep the libraries up to date.

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for PublicPIM
Website Database App
Latest Version is 0.5.3
Our download/Install page for PublicPIM
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